Toyota GT86 "5 laps"

65.00 sh KM

Driving package "5 laps" includes one warm up lap, 3 fast laps and one cooling off lap. Toyota GT86, which is probably one of the best sports cars of recent time, is the official track car of auto24ring.

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  • Voucher is valid one year since buying.
  • The service is seasonal (May-October). If there is no snow and ice.
  • Please book your experience  +372 58 666 636 
  • Service does not include limited liability.
  • Service does not include timing.
  • Sõidu broneeringu aeg on indikatiivne, kuivõrd sõitmine toimub ringrajal 20-minutiliste sessioonide kaupa eraldi autodele ja mootorratastele, millest tulenevalt võib teie broneeringuaeg nihkuda hilisemaks


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